Do you know that your immunity is created to guide your system against free radicals ,do you know  you are not suppose to get sick ,but because we eat just what comes our way  we begin to have health issues some that are very mild but if left  untreated can be very fatal ,do we…


It was during my final year in college I felt I was coming down with something l could not concentrate on my project, i had noticed my periods had become irregular and lumpy ,sometimes the soles of my feet will ache too and l had some funny worming movement in my blood stream, I was…


Back into time my mum started falling ill when I was thirteen from one operation to the other ,l remembered she bought a book titled when cancer comes. I doubt if she ever read it or even make a change in her diet. How many more will go because they will not read a health…

Living the life

I went down that road about some ten years ago with health issues. Here I am today a mother of two still living and enjoying good health because I made a decision to make changes in my diet.


So many end up in the hospital confused because they refuse to obey the simple rule of nature ,health they say is wealth must you end of with diabetes, obesity, stroke before u go back to nature?

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton